Sibling Relationship

Sibling Relationship

The relationship between brothers and sisters are an essential part of children’s daily life. Some sibling relationships are filled with so much rivalry that parents would often ask themselves why their kids can’t simply get along. The tiring teasing, squabbling, competing, and constant annoyance among their kids can’t seem to stop, and sometimes parents do get exhausted of them. However, the endless fighting is not an indication that children are not getting along; the conflict is in fact a part of a sibling relationship, which illustrates that they DO get along through establishing differences, airing emotions, and testing their authority with a recognizable kin adversary.

In comparison to parent-child relationships, sibling relationships are the more understood part of family life, as well as one of the most significant for personality development. Throughout ones lifetime, a sibling relationship is normally the longest relationship one creates, which has a considerable influence on how they feel about themselves and the types of relationships they develop outside the family. For sibling relationships that have had extreme sibling rivalry throughout the years are more likely to feel resentment towards each other, and have little tolerance and inadequate understanding in dealing with situations among them.

This is the reason why eliminating too much competition between children and strengthening sibling relationships as early as their younger years together should be developed by parents. This prevents bad sibling relationships and builds a good bond between them, creating a connection that “someone is there for them” giving them a feeling of security from being alone. Research studies have also shown that children frequently say that sisters and brothers give them a solid sense of individuality.

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Sibling relationships between sisters are more on talking with each other and sharing important “girl thing” together, while among brothers it is mostly on doing activities jointly. Brother to sister relationships prioritize more on doing things simultaneously rather than chatting.

The growing years in sibling relationships changes as time does. They may learn from each others character and shape their own; they may structure a connection that will be unshakable to weather clashes; or they may simply build their own worlds apart. The parent’s important role of forming better relationships among their children’s will greatly determine a good family condition or a problematic family situation.

Sibling relationships are multifaceted and varied, and a child actively forms these relationships every day. The outcome of sibling relationships, whether good or bad, where they practice what they have developed affects a variety of aspects in their lives such as their parenting, family relationships, and bullying tendencies.

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